Kaleden Construction was founded in 2010 by Robby Schulte; the name is a combination of his children's names. Robby has been in the metal building construction industry since 1995. He started his metal building career in the field, erecting metal buildings during the summer. This gave him the base of practical knowledge required to help Kaleden's customers. Chances are Robby, or one of our field crew members, has worked on the type of building you want to construct.

We love metal buildings, so you probably won't find us playing with 2x4s and plywood. Our focus is on steel and bolts. This specialization allows us to construct the most appealing buildings. It makes our field staff experts in all phases of metal building construction. Just like you wouldn't want an auto mechanic to fix your kitchen sink, we don't let concrete guys build your metal building. We take great pride in treating each building like it were our own. This aspect of Kaleden Construction really shows through in our final products.Take a look around at some of our current and previous projects..

When you care about the clients, treat them like friends, and provide them service as expected it creates long term relationships.